The special collections of the Library of Montserrat, refer to unique and unrepeatable materials such as manuscripts, rare books, personal collections that can include all kinds of materials such as prints, instruments, brochures, scores, maps, engravings, plates. , parchments, medals, press releases, magazines, photographs, posters, drawings, letters, etc.

he Library of Montserrat periodically increases this type of collection, which is disseminated through the website “Catalonia libraries special collections” in the University Union Catalogue of Catalonia. Most of the collections give free access to a detailed inventory of the collection, to open data information or to the digitization of the materials described.
Coleccions Mapes Biblioteca de Montserrat
Coleccions especials Verdaguer Biblioteca de Montserrat
Most of these special collections are the result of donations, and in gratitude to those who have selflessly bequeathed these materials to us, the name of the donors has been included in the title of the collection.

Special collections have been considered hidden because there was no adequate way of cataloguing them and making available to the public, but instead they are very valuable special funds that cannot be found in other libraries.
Its dissemination is intended, on the one hand, to provide researchers with access to primary sources, often unknown and difficult to locate, and on the other hand, to contribute to the dissemination of Catalonia’s heritage collections.
Coleccions especials Verdaguer Biblioteca de Montserrat

Special collections