Loan application 

The minimum period to request the loan of documents for exhibitions is 4 months before the opening date.

In the case of exhibitions outside Spain, the minimum period is 6 months. The Library will, in principle, only lend out works that are irreplaceable and directly related to the content of the exhibition, for which a contract will be signed between the Library and the organizer.

The Library may refuse to lend works if this is advisable in terms of security, conservation or other scientific or technical measures.

Préstec Exposicions Biblioteca de Montserrat

Purpose and content

Applicants must submit the project of the exhibition indicating:

A) Reason for the exhibition and justification of the inclusion of the requested works.

B) Details of the exhibition:

• Title
• Organizer (name, address, telephone, e-mail)
• Requesting entity (name, address, telephone, e-mail)
• Curator (name, address, telephone, e-mail)
• Coordinador (nom, adreça, telèfon, correu electrònic)
• Location (name, address, phone, email)
• Opening and closing dates. 


C) Environmental conditions of the room, indicating relative humidity, temperature, light intensity and type of light used, and the degree of variability or permanence throughout the day.

D) Security conditions:

• Storage place before and / or after the final installation

• Purpose of the showrooms
• Building Materials
• Water pipes
• Alarm systems
• Map
• Surveillance
• Characteristics of the showcases
• Other exhibition facilities

E) List of requested material:

• Type of material
• Author
• Title
• Place, publishing house or printing house (or place of production, in the manuscripts).
• Year
• In any other material, production and publication data
• Volumes (numbering, in periodicals)
• Sizes, weight (if necessary)
• Technical support of the document (in drawings, engravings, maps …)
• Topographic signature

Transfer of documents

Assignment contracts will be formalized by the Library management.

Libros antiguos Biblioteca de Montserrat
Restauración Neteja Biblioteca de Montserrat


When it is necessary to restore a piece for conservation purposes, the expenses incurred for these processes will be in charge of the organizing entity.
Expenses for security reproductions and delivery of bibliographic material
For security and identification reasons, before leaving the Montserrat Library, documents will be digitized. The backups will remain the property of the Montserrat Library.
The applicant person or entity must bear the costs of reproducing the material provided to make the backup copy for the Library, as well as the agreed management, insurance, transport and inspection costs, and the reproductions requested to illustrate the catalogues of the exhibitions, always in accordance with each assignment agreement.
The current hourly rate for managing the delivery of bibliographic material for exhibitions is 20 euros/hour. The Library must deliver a budget prior to the completion of the work for the conformity of the applicant.
The prices of the reproductions can be consulted on the website of the Library of Montserrat. 


Delivery note 

The works will be removed from the Library by accredited staff by signing a delivery note. This report will indicate any data that is considered advisable to highlight.

Export authorization 

The temporary export of pieces for exhibitions outside the country will be conditioned by the authorization of the Departament de Cultura de la Generalitat (Direcció General de Patrimoni Cultural), after hearing the Junta de Qualificació, Valoració i Exportació Béns del Patrimoni Cultural de Catalunya and the Ministeri d’Educació i Cultura, after hearing the Junta de Calificación, Valoración y Exportación de Bienes del Patrimonio Histórico Español. The organizing entity will be responsible for customs formalities.


Before removing the works that Montserrat Library lends on a temporary loan, the applicant must deliver to the Library the certification of the agreed “key to key” insurance policy, in which the Library must appear as beneficiary entity, for the amount in which the Library has valued the works. The policy must cover, piece by piece, for as long as the documents are outside the Library the risk of loss, theft or any damage or deterioration even if due to force majeure, and must also include transport.
The Montserrat Library reserves the right not to accept the insurance company proposed by the organizing entity.

Assembly of the works

When for conservation purposes it is necessary to carry out a special preservation montage, the expenses generated by these processes will be borne by the organizing entity.
The organizing entity will not be able to manipulate the transferred material.

Embalatge i transport Biblioteca de Montserrat

Packing and transportation 

The transfer of the pieces from the Montserrat Library to the exhibition site will be carried out under adequate security conditions and by personnel specialized in this type of transfer, who will be responsible for providing the necessary materials to protect the documents.
The date of packing and transport will be agreed between the curator and the Montserrat Library.
Under no circumstances, except in cases of force majeure, may items on loan take another route, outside the exhibition site, other than their return to the Montserrat library. If a cause of force majeure occurs, it must be reported immediately to the Montserrat Library.
All costs incurred in moving the items, in addition to others incurred as a result of this operation, will be borne by the requesting entity.
The Montserrat Library reserves the right to refuse the transport company proposed by the organizers. 

Biblioteca Exposicions 11 Biblioteca de Montserrat

Conservation measures

The organizing body must guarantee the security and conservation of the documents exhibited by means of permanent surveillance, fire detection and extinguishing systems and environmental controls of humidity, temperature and light. In no case shall sunlight not directly reflect on the works. Light sources must be filtered. Visitors to the exhibition are not allowed to take photographs with a flash. The pieces will be installed in showcases or other security installations and with the necessary conditions so that the exhibited material is not damaged. Depending on the type of material, the conditions required will be specified in the annex. 
The Library of Montserrat reserves the right to inspect the installation and safety conditions of the exhibition rooms and to remove the items at any time if any serious deficiency or risk is observed that could endanger their conservation. The expenses incurred will be covered by the requesting entity. 

Reproduction of documents and catalogue

The loan of the work does not authorize the borrower to make any kind of reproduction. In the event that the applicant wishes to reproduce the work, must request the corresponding authorization from the Montserrat Library.
In the case of applications for the exhibition catalogue, the characteristics and the print run must be indicated. If authorization is granted, the reproduction of the work to be included in the catalogue will be carried out by the Biblioteca de Montserrat, and the costs will be borne by the applicant for the reproduction. Once published, two copies must be delivered to the Montserrat Library. 
In accordance with current legislation, the organizing entity must manage the prior authorization of those works that are not in the public domain.
Collaboration with the Library of Montserrat should be indicated in any information addressed to the media, in addition to all dissemination documents and in the exhibition catalogue. The Library should be cited: BAM (Abbey of Montserrat Library).

Library Courier 

When the Montserrat Library considers it appropriate for an e-mail from the Library to supervise the transport and installation of the works in the exhibition halls, the coverage of the costs generated will be borne by the loan applicant.


Once the exhibition is over, within the period of insurance coverage and, in any case, within a maximum period of ten days, the pieces must be returned to the Montserrat Library following the same procedure and with the same safety measures as on departure. On receipt of the works, and before signing the certificate of receipt, the library will check the state of conservation of the returned documents to see if any damage has occurred.
If any incident of any kind has occurred, a note will be included in the return record so that responsibilities can be requested, if necessary. In case of litigation, both parties will submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of Barcelona.

Mesures de conservació Biblioteca de Montserrat

Duration of the exhibition

The loan will be made for a single stable exposure. In the case of itinerant exhibitions it is necessary to make a new request which will be assessed by the Montserrat Library. The same copy may be exhibited for a maximum of four months per exhibition, and six months per year, unless the accumulation of light that it has to endure advises against it. After this period, this copy may not be exhibited for the following four years. An extension of the exhibition dates will require the reconsideration of the complementary procedures. The Montserrat Library reserves the right not to accept this extension.