Helios Gómez at the Montserrat Library

The Montserrat Library is present at the exhibition Dies d’ira. Comunisme llibertari, gitanos flamencs i realisme d’avantguarda, dedicated to Helios Gómez (Seville, 1895 – Barcelona, ​​1956), with some periodical publications of the important collection, on the Second Republic and the Civil War, which we keep in our collection.

Works left on loan

We have loaned 5 copies of periodicals, ranging from 1934 to 1939, where Helios Gómez regularly collaborated as a cartoonist:

  • Tiempos nuevos: revista de sociología, arte y economía. August 5, 1934.
  • Juventud comunista: órganos centrales de la J.C.I. (P.O.U.M.). May 27, 1937.
  • El frente: Portavoz de la 26 división (Durruti) en campaña. August 11 and 15, 1938 and January 2, 1939.

It is an ambitious exhibition on the work of Helios Gómez with more than 35 drawings, engravings, paintings, publications and documents curated by the artist artista Pedro G. Romero.

The exhibition can be seen in Barcelona at  Virreina Centre de la Imatge until February 7, 2021.

Helios Gómez 

Helios Gómez  (Seville, 1905-Barcelona, ​​1956) belongs to the interwar generation committed to political-social causes. He was known mainly for his work in the field of design, advertising, newspaper headlines, militant posters and illustrations published in the press and published in different albums such as Días de Ira (Berlin, 1930), Revolución Española (URSS, 1933) , and Viva Octubre (Brussels, 1936).

The style

His drawings have a great expressive force due to the treatment of black and white with very accentuated contrasts, characteristic of woodcut but with plastic forms that move them away from the xylographic tradition of the 19th century to relate to avant-garde forms until they achieve their own style with Angular figures and highly dynamic diagonal compositions.

¡¡Viva octubre!!

The album entitled ¡¡Viva octubre !! is his masterpiece, contains 24 illustrations where he harshly criticizes the republican Spain that systematically attacks the working class.

The title of ¡Viva Octubre !! Dessins sur la Revolution Espagnole takes advantage of the media repercussions that the October Revolution of 1934 had among European left-wing circles, mainly in Asturias and Catalonia, and their state repression. The title also takes advantage of the coincidence with the Red October of the Soviet Revolution.

 The first edition, in French, had a print run of 20 copies on Japanese paper and a large folio, with each engraving signed by the author. 120 copies (27.5 x 24 cm.) Were also made on plain paper with a justification signed by the author.

The signed and dedicated copy of the Montserrat Library

The copy of the Biblioteca de Montserrat is part of the print run of 120 copies, signed by the author, and numbered 112. There is a handwritten dedication from Helios Gómez to Jean Cassou, the art critic who made the introduction. It was incorporated into the library, from the collection of the bookseller Just Cabot.

In the Montserrat Library you can find 4 publications related to the artist, including the outstanding work Viva octubre, in the following link to the catalog.

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